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Family legal issues are one of the toughest to face, as the stakes are high and stress higher. A child custody decision, for instance, largely determines the future of your relationship with your child. A property division agreement may leave you with less than feasible, and you may be trying fruitlessly to negotiate with an uncompromising partner. Whatever family legal matter you are dealing with, however, Shufflebarger Law Office, P.C. can help you towards a favorable outcome. Attorney Jeremy Shufflebarger is a powerful presence in court and an empathetic legal counselor in the office. He will sit down with you to discuss your goals for your case and work out legal plans to achieve those goals. Protect your and your child's future with Shufflebarger Law Office, P.C.

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Why Shufflebarger Law Office, P.C.?

Attorney Jeremy Shufflebarger became a lawyer because he wanted to help people. And that has continued to be his personal drive throughout the years as he has advocated for families throughout Larimer and Weld County. From mediation to adoption cases to LGBT divorce to mental health law, Attorney Shufflebarger is dedicated to providing knowledgeable and quality legal representation to all members of the community. He commits to extensive research on each case he takes on, poring over the legal jargon of all the laws relevant to his client's case and their situation. While the laws remain the same, every case has unique circumstances that could lead to various interpretations. As a result, Attorney Shufflebarger will build a strong strategy for you from different perspectives of his research to ensure you have a tough, unique case.

Resolve Your Legal Dispute with Our Firm

You will be in good hands with Shufflebarger Law Office, P.C. We have handled many family cases and Jeremy specializes in assisting and defending mental health practitioners against unfounded DORA complaints. Attorney Shufflebarger is a legal advocate who genuinely wants to help and knows how to put up a good fight in court. Whatever your legal dispute in Fort Collins, let us champion your interests. Resolve your disputes with our firm and unshoulder the legal burdens you've long been carrying.

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Attorney Jeremy Shufflebarger comes from a vast family of Colorado natives. After moving around the United States, he settled in Fort Collins, Colorado. Jeremy is a former judicial clerk for the Larimer County District Court in Colorado and the Laramie County District Court in Wyoming.