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If you are currently dealing with parenting disputes in Fort Collins, you may be interested in seeking negotiation assistance from a parenting coordinator/decision maker. In some situations, you may even be required by the court to work with a decision maker. In any case, Shufflebarger Law Office, P.C. can help you navigate the PCDM process and address any questions you have about the PCDM's role. We will provide empathetic guidance at a tense and stressful time and do our best to make an informed recommendation to resolve your disputes.

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What Is a PCDM?

Parenting coordination and decision making (PCDM) refers to a person who resolves child-related disputes between parents. The parenting coordinator and decision maker play distinct roles. Colorado Law defines a “parenting coordinator” as a neutral third-party person who helps disputing parents reach an agreement regarding the care of their children. Some issues that may be negotiated with the assistance of a parenting coordinator are parenting time and child support.

The “decision maker” is an individual who has the power to make legally binding decisions to resolve disputes between the parents. Both parents must consent to the appointment of a decision maker by the court. Decisions may address the implementation of child-related orders, such as:

  • disputed parental decisions (e.g., co-parenting plans);
  • how much parenting time each is allowed;
  • whether one parent should pay child support.

When the parents cannot reach their own agreement under the supervision of the decision maker, the decision maker may step in to make a final, binding decision to be filed with the court that typically lasts a minimum of 2 years.

Note that because the decision maker often facilitates the negotiation as they sit in the discussion, they also play the role of the parenting coordinator (hence PCDM).

Who Needs a PCDM?

Attorney Jeremy Shufflebarger can take a look at your situation to determine whether it is in your best interests to work with a PCDM. Some reasons it may be beneficial to work with a PCDM include:

  • professional and neutral moderation of negotiations so both parties can appropriately challenge or explain their proposals;
  • guidance for effective communication, especially if the parties are adversarial;
  • resources for effective parenting strategies that will minimize conflict between both parents and promote healthy co-parenting practices for the benefit of the children.

For more information about PCDM services in Fort Collins, contact Shufflebarger Law Office, P.C. A PCDM can add another layer of support that complements an attorney's advice, so with the help of a PCDM, you will be doubly prepared to fight for your interests in the negotiations room and assert your rights as a parent. Attorney Jeremy Shufflebarger is deeply familiar with the intense emotions and mental turmoil of family disputes, so he will lend a trained and empathetic hand as he helps you out of the chaos and towards a favorable compromise.

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